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Meet Sora!

As we approach the end of the year at FACES, the air is filled with hope, excitement, inspiration, and, as always, an unwavering commitment to our and Face Equality’s mission. This past year, a few familiar faces and face equality advocates celebrated a significant milestone- getting their voices heard by the United Nations! 

Sora Kasuga is a New York-based, professionally trained circus performer, crediting the success of her career to not giving up—even when her contracts were dropped, and she wasn’t allowed in meet and greet lines after her performance unless she “covered her face.” 

Sora was born with lymphangioma — malformations of the lymphatic system — affecting the right side of her face.

She has trained her entire life to master feeling accepted and taken seriously, but now she is deeply committed to serving and paving the roads to redefining beauty. She is a big believer that anyone with a facial difference should not hide—or be forced to by anyone. 

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