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One or two of every 1000 babies born in the U.S. will have craniofacial disorders. Parents of these children need somewhere to turn for information and support. FACES: The National Craniofacial Association has been helping these families for more than five decades. With your support, we will continue spreading hope through these needed services.


FACES assists children and adults with severe craniofacial anomalies in the United States through:

Financial Assistance for Medical Travel

Whether from birth, accident, or disease, facial disorders often are accompanied by the need for specialized medical care. One of the core missions of FACES is to provide financial assistance for the cost of travel to out-of-town medical treatments, helping families who would otherwise be financially unable to go.


Awareness & Understanding

True human equality springs from understanding one another and recognizing value in every person. FACES and Face Equality International, of which FACES is a founding member, are striving to bring about public awareness of facial discrimination and the need for equality. By providing information and resources online and educating about facial equality, we are at the forefront of the charge to end discrimination based on appearance.


Current Information & Resources

FACES  provides free and unbiased information about providers and resources. Although FACES does not refer clients to specific doctors or hospitals, we provide valuable up-to-date information on specific craniofacial disorders and available resources, so that each family can make informed decisions.


Encouragement for Teens and Children

Each summer, FACES Camp helps children with facial differences foster independence by engaging socially and making friends with other children experiencing similar medical issues. The camp features typical camp activities including talent nights, arts and crafts, archery, canoeing, ropes course, zip line, rock wall climbing, hiking, swimming, horseback riding and more.


Support Network

Contact with another family sharing a similar medical situation is a valuable means of support for persons with craniofacial disorders and their families. By connecting people to one another, FACES helps to alleviate the emotional isolation that is often felt by patients and their families. “You are not alone” is the primary message of FACES, and to those who need it, it is a message of great comfort.

FACES: The National Craniofacial Association
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