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Spread Hope

You can help by participating in the Adopt-A-Face program. Individuals, organizations, and businesses can "adopt" a FACES' Clients (families to whom FACES provides financial assistance for travel to specialized medical centers for life-changing surgeries). The program involves a three-year pledge, and the family is made aware of your contribution on their behalf. You will receive photographs and progress reports on your "adopted" child.

With your gift to FACES, doubt is replaced with knowledge, loneliness is replaced with connections, and helplessness is replaced with hope. These are gifts that can never be repaid, but you can be assured, they change the lives of those who receive them.


If you are interested in Adopting A Face, please Contact Us.

Adopt a Face


Zane the Brave

"There aren’t enough ‘Thank yous’ in the world that I could give to FACES and those who work there... You have been our light in some stressful times!"

Zane was born with Apert Syndrome, the premature closing of the skull sutures, underdeveloped mid-face region, large forehead, webbed fingers and toes.

FACES: The National Craniofacial Association
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