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Wesley & Mary

In September 1996 twin sisters named Mary and Wesley Sanders entered this world. Their parents Gwen and Paul weren’t aware they were having twins until 37 weeks pregnant — much less, twins with a complex medical journey called Pfeiffer syndrome. Their journey would take them far from home to get the specialized craniofacial care their babies needed and still need today. With FACES help, they were able to travel to those many surgeries and follow-ups, and FACES continues to assist Wesley to travel to specialized eye care.


The Twins are now grown women with college degrees and an attitude of giving back to the craniofacial community. In 2019 Wesley and Mary started working as FACES Camp counselors, and Mary will be Camp Director Assistant in 2023.


Wesley says, “FACES helped Mary and me navigate life from almost the beginning with an uplifted and realistic perspective, education, new looks (I’m referring to transformative surgeries), and aspirations. We have both endured a myriad of surgeries, among many additional medical abnormalities.”

Photos: Mary left and Wesley right.


Thank you, Our Friends, for helping Wesley, Mary, and

all the children of FACES throughout the years.

Your continued help is essential.

FACES: The National Craniofacial Association
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