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FACE EQUALITY WEEK - MAY 17 - 24, 2021

Each year in May, as an alliance of global NGOs working with people who have facial differences, we come together for International Face Equality Week. It's a global, annual campaign to highlight the issues facing people with facial differences, and to advocate for a better, fairer world for people who look different.

This year, from the 17th-24th May, the facial difference community will come together to run a series of activities focused on bringing greater awareness and understanding to the cause. Click Here to learn how you can be part of the change!

Congratulations Phyllida Swift, Face Equality International’s New CEO!

Phyllida worked closely with James Partridge up until he passed away and is passionately devoted to the Face Equality mission. Face Equality International’s 38 member NGOs have been hugely supportive of this decision, and all are unanimously committed to ensuring the continued success of the movement, with a unified mission to serve people with facial differences across the world.


Do you want to promote an informed view of people who have disfigurements?

Share your story with FACES.

End Facial Discrimination

Charities united for 2020 International Face Equality Week


The right of being treated equally and without discrimination is what all people desire. The way someone looks should not determine how they are treated. Member organizations of Face Equality International highlight the issues and prejudices people with facial differences experience, including health inequalities, online abuse and hate crime. During the 2020... (Read more)

Face It.jpg

Facial Disfigurement and My Fight for Face Equality

Written by James Partridge

An honest memoir of the battle after severe facial burns; it’s a practical self-help guide for anyone with a facial difference and a manual for health professionals trying to help them. And, finally, it’s a manifesto for face equality, rooting out the stigmas of face-ism that oppress us all… and urging new face values in our 21st century world.

Available Here

Face Equality International

In August, Dr. James Partridge OBE, pioneer of Face Equality, passed away. Our thoughts are with his family during this sad time.

Our president, Kim Fox has written her personal tribute.


I met James Partridge in a Skype meeting with FACES in 2018. He spoke to us about Face Equality and the idea of an alliance of non-profits and NGOs around the world that would work together to bring an end to face discrimination. FACES was eager to be a part of it and soon became a founding member.

I had the pleasure of meeting James in person at the first Face Equality International (FEI) forum in early 2019. His charm, wit, and positive personality put me instantly at ease. I learned so much and met so many smart people during the four days of that forum. The power and ideas in the air kept you on your toes. When James spoke, he led us all into his vision of a world where everyone is treated fairly whatever their face looks like. I left even more determined to help make that a reality.

I had an email from James on Saturday announcing new members of FEI and on Monday I received an email telling of his sudden passing. I was in shock.  How can this be? I just emailed him…there’s a meeting in September with his name on it that keeps popping up on my calendar. How can he be gone?

I don’t know how FEI will move forward without James, but I know we will and must. For he started the revolution of Face Equality, and we have a job to do!

Rest well James, for you have certainly have earned your peace. I will dearly miss you.

Kim Fox

FACES: The National Craniofacial Association

You can learn more about James here:

Or read his new book FACE IT.

FACES: The National Craniofacial Association
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