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FACE EQUALITY WEEK - May 17-24, 2021

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Face Equality International

Make Face Equality A Reality

Help celebrate International Face Equality Week,
May 17 - 23, 2021,
and show your support by downloading the brand new

Instagram and Facebook Selfie filter!

Face Equality Selfie Challenge

What: Face Equality International (FEI) created a #FaceEquality face filter that can be used on Instagram and Facebook.

Why: To raise awareness of International Face Equality Week and to encourage the general public to get involved and show their solidarity.

The selfie is a direct challenge to the 'look perfect culture' associated with society's perception of a selfie. This is a filter that doesn't mimic or mock real-life facial differences, and it's a filter that doesn't reinforce ideals, narrow views or prejudices.

It's a filter that celebrates and commemorates the vision of our late founder, Dr James Partridge OBE, who said, "Every human face should carry the same value, because each and every one is fascinating and beautifully made and is owned by a person worthy of equal respect."

For someone with a facial difference, this can be an empowering, defiant act that demands respect for all faces.





• Visit this link for Instagram and this link for Facebook

• This will open up your Instagram or Facebook camera in selfie mode, and the filter will automatically appear over your face.

• You can then snap a picture or record a video wearing the filter.

• Hit the “text” button in the top right hand corner, and type your message about why you are supporting the movement for face equality - the fair and equal treatment of people with facial differences.

• Make sure to tag @faceequalityint on Instagram and Facebook. The account names will appear for you to select.

• Be sure to use the hashtag #FaceEquality on your post as well!

• Finally, you can click “done” and the photo/video will be added to your story.

• To download your story and add to your main Facebook or Instagram profile/feed, simply click the small arrow at the top of your stories (Instagram) and the arrow with ‘save’ on (Facebook). The video will then be automatically saved to your phone or device’s camera roll/album.

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