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Baby Kiall
Kiall after having surgery on his webbed fingers

Meet our little blessing, Kiall.

He was born with a rare condition called Apert Syndrome. He is a sweet and tough little guy who is great at doing what babies do best...
Bringing joy to our lives!

The surprise and struggle is real. I was scared hearing my son’s diagnosis shortly after he was born. What did this mean for our family? Is he going to be ok? What do I need to do? These questions were asked, but not answered. Finally, after turning to the internet for information, I found FACES and was able to call and get answers to my questions. I also found out that FACES could help financially! I felt an immeasurable relief for which I am SO appreciative!

Thank you to all the supporters of FACES!

Cori White & Family

Cori holds Kiall during one of his many doctor visits
Kiall's a country boy at heart!
Kiall and sister Adri

Thank you, Our Friends, for helping Kiall and all the children of FACES throughout the years.

Your continued help is essential.

FACES: The National Craniofacial Association
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