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KIALL - Update 2023!

Dear FACES Community,

I am delighted to share an update on Kiall's journey:  Kiall has an infectious positive attitude and outlook on life. He has an incredible love for tools and working with his hands, showcasing his unique approach to the world around him. His enthusiasm for life has not only inspired me but has also touched the hearts of everyone he encounters. He has become best friends with everyone in his 3rd grade class. The support and acceptance he has received from his peers has contributed immensely to his sense of belonging and self-esteem.

Reflecting on the past nine years, we've navigated through countless doctor appointments, surgeries, and health challenges. Despite everything, Kiall has emerged triumphant with a positive attitude, even conquering the hurdle of breaking his femur not once, but twice at two separate times. His enthusiasm for disassembling his wheelchair after healing serves as a testament to his resilience and spirit.

As a parent, I vividly recall the questions that filled my mind when Kiall was born – Will he be okay? What should I do? What does this mean for his future? The answers unfolded gradually: have faith, and time has a remarkable way of healing.

As a small family of three—Kiall, his sister Adriana, and myself—we want to express our heartfelt appreciation to the FACES community for the financial support you provided so we could travel to his craniofacial medical team 3 hours from home. Your organization has been a beacon of hope and strength for us during times of uncertainty. The sense of community and understanding FACES has fostered has profoundly impacted our lives, and we are eternally grateful.

Best wishes this holiday season,

Cori White & Family

Thank you, Our Friends, for helping Kiall and all the children of FACES throughout the years.

Your continued help is essential.

Remember when you first met Kiall?

Baby Kiall
Kiall after having surgery on his webbed fingers

Meet our little blessing, Kiall.

He was born with a rare condition called Apert Syndrome. He is a sweet and tough little guy who is great at doing what babies do best...
Bringing joy to our lives!

The surprise and struggle is real. I was scared hearing my son’s diagnosis shortly after he was born. What did this mean for our family? Is he going to be ok? What do I need to do? These questions were asked, but not answered. Finally, after turning to the internet for information, I found FACES and was able to call and get answers to my questions. I also found out that FACES could help financially! I felt an immeasurable relief for which I am SO appreciative!

Thank you to all the supporters of FACES!

Cori White & Family

Cori holds Kiall during one of his many doctor visits
Kiall's a country boy at heart!
Kiall and sister Adri

Thank you, Our Friends, for helping Kiall and all the children of FACES throughout the years.

Your continued help is essential.

FACES: The National Craniofacial Association
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