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Being Different is Your Superpower

Hi my name is John Kippen. I am a a Motivational speaker and Magician. My face was partially paralyzed after a successful Acoustic Neuroma brain tumor removal in 2002 .

Dealing with having a Facial Difference was not something I was prepared for. I had to learn to deal with peoples looks and stares and insensitive remarks. I found that I stopped socializing and would have to think twice about going out in public. I avoided mirrors and cameras like the plague. After almost 12 years, I discovered that I was missing some of the best moments of life as the were not documented. I turned to playing semi professional poker as my social outlet because nobody cared what I looked like as long as I had a bankroll.

After a few years of loosing money, I rediscovered my passion for performing Magic at Hollywood's Academy of Magical Arts. aka. The Magic Castle. I discovered that once I started performing closeup magic, my face no longer defined me. My difference became my Superpower.

Please watch this video...

I hope you enjoy and find some hope and encouragement to find your Superpower. Doing so will lead to happiness and Joy. I promise.

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