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Meet Erin!

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Erin Richmond is a wife to Kevin and a mom to three boys, crediting the success of living a ‘normal’ life by waking up each day ready to face the world—-with a smile on her face. “When I smile at the world, the world smiles back,” Erin said. Erin is a woman—most of us in the craniofacial world know, admire, love, and adore—and she graciously shares her tricks with us on how she feels accepted while living with Treacher’s Collins Syndrome. 


Erin says, “When I allow myself to hear and accept the compliments from others truly,  it makes me feel accepted, appreciated, and loved for who I am.”


Erin isn’t the only one in her family living with Treacher’s Collins Syndrome—her youngest son lives with Treacher’s Collin’s, too. She has trained her entire life to master feeling accepted, but now she is deeply committed to serving and paving the roads for her youngest son to travel. “As a mom of three boys, one with a facial difference like me, I know that feeling accepted by others matters – but being resilient and having self-compassion and loving oneself matters more.”

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