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Wes before surgery
Wes after surgery


At one point in my life I took so many things for granted. This journey has brought a much deeper appreciation for life and those who fill my life. You have been wonderful for our family, but it truly goes far beyond financial assistance. There have been days filled with challenges, tears, hospitals, doctors, decisions to be made, preparing for a surgery even when there is truly no way to prepare emotionally, handing my little one to a doctor as my heart was torn away, long nights filled with painful cries through swollen, weak eyes of a my precious baby boy, searching and reaching all the time for a reason, why my baby. Through each step my spirits have been lifted by the kindness of those who now fill my life.

As I sit here today watching my precious boy grow in love, my mind all too easily drifts to an overwhelming fear of what is still to come. With all the challenges, pain, fear... that fills this journey, it is all faced with strength that is fueled by kindness and the support of caring individuals like you. Thank you for all you have done for our family.

Wes' mom


Wes - chowing down after FACES Ride 4 Smiles
Boys just want to have fun!
Wes and his mom Gina

Thank you, Our Friends, for helping Wes and all the children of FACES throughout the years.

Your continued help is essential.

FACES: The National Craniofacial Association
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